Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Probs, originally uploaded by eotl archive.
Probs is made of Nintendo. Wildstyle Digital graffiti, Kung-Fu and Ninjas.
His painting style rejects the mundane natural order. Following the true principles of Infinite Tactics, Deceptive Perspective and the ancient art of the dirty hand style; the mastering of many handstyles and removal of all consciousness.

Each piece is created with total freedom of movement, a martial art hand style, embodied with the spirit of battle and the Samurai funk of 40,000 years. Lines painted without hesitation, attacking, decisive, explosive, fluid paint strokes.

The Deceptive Perspective concept was conceived in the digital three-dimensional mind of the artist. Linear constructs fabricated in graphite have travelled through into the next dimension, but were affected, mutated. These distorted forms, thrown out of existence, morph into wildly impossible 3D calligraphy, scattering minds and deceiving vision.