Tuesday, 3 November 2009


rabbitboy and holysquiddy, originally uploaded by RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT.


In early years already, Nychos became occupied with Comic/cartoondrawing and sensed in which direction life would drag him! yet only while his school education, where he became graphic designer and through "psychic anomalies", he set free his imploring creative urge! he mentions the encounter with the white rabbit. Working with cans was the quickest way to get colours into pictures. so far graffiti/streetart is his main field of work! the white rabbit accompanies him as of 2004 and since then, "they" are unstoppable! In the year 2005, he launched the project and Streetart label "RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT"! the rabbit eye movement is just a little part in his creative universe  but a very important part for his whole development as an artist. Today he works and lives in Vienna !
Travels, work and Art projects keep him busy during the whole year!