Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Does_Copenhagen,Denmark'09, originally uploaded by eotl archive.

“ I first used this name when I started doing graffiti in 1996 and I did my first piece in 1997. Does is the third person singular of the word “to do”. My interest in graffiti began when I started to notice that there were quite a few graffiti writers active in my neighbourhood. The Hall of Fame in Geleen was an especially big source of inspiration to me. The Hall of Fame was a desolate place under the railway, overgrown with plants and trees, there were long walls decorated with interesting pieces. The place gave me an exciting feeling.

In 2000 I stopped for three years but in 2003 I made my comeback on the wall. My style is a combination of a basic style and a wild style with some graphic influences. I like to play with forms, techniques, colours, spaces and effects.

I regularly work together with 9 other artists under the name of LoveLetters. Besides my weekly visits to Belgium, I have also worked in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, England, Greece, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, Curacao and the USA. ”